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Succulent, tender, moist, “melt in your mouth” richness are just a few of the adjectives one could use to describe a really well prepared duck dish. It is odd that something so enjoyable is not so commonly served as a meal. Perhaps this uncommonest is perpetuated by questions like: “Where do I buy a quality duck?,  “How do I prepare a duck for dinner?” or “Do my guests and/or family like duck?”  We suggest not all people like duck. In fact our informal poll finds duck connoisseurs to be in the minority. However we have found a surprisingly large number of Sarasota area restaurants serving duck.

If you find yourself in the duck connoisseur group, may we suggest 2 “must try” duck dishes?

The first dish comes from Derek’s Culinary Casual:

Dereks_Lrg_041) Duck Two Ways: Seared duck breast, pecan crusted leg confit, creamed spaetzle, bacon braised greens, burnt honey jus $27.00

Classically prepared, moist, tender, fall off the bone greatness! Something to be savored with a great red wine.

The second dish is served as a tapas plate at Ceviche:

2) Pato a la Parilla: Grilled duck breast, sliced over chocolate, port sauce $12.95Ceviche_Lrg_03 (1)

This sauce is lick your plate clean good! If more than 2 people are trying the duck, make sure you order more than 1 plate.

If you enjoy duck, then you should give one or both of our “Must Try Monday” dishes a chance. As always, you thoughts, comments, and suggestions are welcome.