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Outdoor dining at Libby's Cafe + Bar

Just like a favorite pair of jeans or an especially comfortable shirt, everyone needs a “go to” restaurant. Comfort, familiarity, and a sense of belonging are the trademark virtues for such a place. For me, Libby’s Cafe + Bar fills the spot.

Located on South Osprey Avenue, in the heart of Sarasota’s Southside Village, Libby’s presence projects a welcoming and inviting venue for lunch or dinner. With outdoor seating, 2 bar areas, booths, tables, and a private room, Libby’s is prepared to handle any sized party. The menu selections are extensive offering sophisticated cuisine and old world comfort food with an up to date twist. In other words, there is something on the menu for all to enjoy!

Easily accommodating with choices in dining venue and cuisine, the only remaining attribute to be addressed is service. On our 1st visit we were somewhat disappointed with the level of service from our waiter. To be fair, he was training a new person which may explain why he seemed rushed at times. However we did find other staff to be friendly and cheerful. In fact on subsequent occasions, any lingering concern about the service had been eliminated. We have found the Libby’s team to be attentive, friendly, and sincerely interested in making our experience a great one.

So if you are thinking about a place to eat and want the feeling of your favorite pair of jeans and your most comfortable shirt, give Libby’s Cafe + Bar a try. It might just become one of your “Friday Faves.”