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Have you ever really had a hankering for Southwestern Mexican food? The kind of yearning which is not satisfied by your average Mexican restaurant.  If you are an aficionado of southwest Mexican cuisine then you know what I mean. Even though I love Mexican food, there are times when you need those subtle flavors of the southwest cuisine. Fortunately for those of us that live in Sarasota, we have El Toro Bravo to satisfy our southwest Mexican cravings.

Southwest Mexican food in Sarasota

Sarasota's El Toro Bravo

El Toro Bravo is a family friendly, casually oriented, local kind of place. Family owned and operated, the food is real homemade Southwest Mexican cuisine. Individaully prepared, fresh, and tasty.

If you have not been here before, your 1st impression might be “Is this the right place?” Rest assured, once you dip that 1st chip into the homemade salsa you will say to yourself ” I am definitely  in the right place, if not then I just made an outstanding discovery!”  The food is great! Ample portions, well prepared, and served with a desire to do it right. A limited but serviceable beer and wine list are available to accompany your meal.

Not only is the food superb, the price is right. For that reason El Toro Bravo is one of our “Friday Faves.”

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