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Everyone needs a “go to” casual dining spot. You know, the place that is dependable in every way; fast, convenient, varied menu options, quality food, great service, and reasonable prices. Panini Press, located on the corner of Ringling Blvd. and South Pineapple Ave., is quickly becoming a “go to” spot for this Sarasota diner. Sarasota's Panini Press restaurant

We visited the Panini Press a number of times often stopping in for a Panini, salad, or one of their special lattes, and were always pleased with our experience.  Now expanding their hours to include dinner (Mon-Thurs 11am-8pm; Fri 11am-9pm; Sat 10:00am-10pm) the Panini Press keeps getting better.

Offering an assortment of salads, Panini, deserts, soft drinks, speciality coffee, beer and wine, the choices are varied but not overwhelming. This is the perfect place to dine when you are looking for quality food, want to dine out, but do not want the formality of a multi-course meal. With its proximity to historic Burns Square and the Burns Court Cinemas, Panini Press is a great choice for a meal, speciality coffee, or desert before or after shopping, a gallery stroll, or movie. 

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With an emphasis on quality ingredients, homemade multi-generational recipes, casual relaxed dining, and now expanded hours which can accomodate evening activities, it is easy to see how the Panini Press has become on of our “Friday Faves.”

I have just added Panini Press to my “go to” list. Perhaps you should give it a try? It just might be a new addition to yours!

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