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Truth be known, I am more of an espresso type than a latte guy. In fact, I believe true coffee aficionados will only drink their coffee black, savoring the flavor in its purest state. Although this “pure state” taste may be noble, the world of flavored lattes deserves to be explored.Panini Press Sarasota

Thanks to our friends at Panini Press, I began exploring the world of flavored lattes about 5 months ago. My progression has been chronological starting with the Pumpkin Pie latte around Thanksgiving, Egg Nog and Gingerbread around Christmas, the Sweetheart for Valentine’s day, and now the Shamrock for St. Patrick’s. Can the White or Dark Chocolate latte for Easter be far behind?

This past weekend we tried Panini Press’s Shamrock latte; a delicious blend of mocha coffee, mint flavoring, steamed frothy milk, and a hand drawn chocolate syrup outlined shamrock with the slightest bit of green sugar added for the occasion. A perfect treat for a mid to late afternoon.

Although I still prefer the dark complex flavor of an espresso, I have now added the flavored latte to my repertoire. Quality ingredients,  professional barista training, creative coffee concoctions, and artistic design are all attributes which make Panini Press a ” Must Try Monday” destination.

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