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Many restaurants in the Sarasota area offer a “BYOB” policy; but are they truly sincere?

We thought it would be a good idea to provide a listing of restaurants which allow you to bring your own wine for lunch or dinner. So we created the “BYOB” category on our site and set out to work. Now this is where it becomes interesting. In fact very interesting! We started reaching out to local SRQ restaurants to inquire about their “BYOB” policy and found the following:

1) Most Sarasota area restaurants allow patrons to bring their own bottle for a corkage fee. This is a standard practice.

2) The range of prices for the corkage fee were from $0 to $25…yikes!

Now we do not begrudge a restaurant for charging a fee for the “BYOB” service. It is only fair to pay something for the service and to help defray the restaurant’s lost revenue from the wine sale. However we feel $25 is excessive and not consistent with the spirit of the “BYOB” category we are trying to build. So we had to make a decision how to represent this on our site and we did. We are listing “BYOB” restaurants with a corkage feee of less than $15.

What do you think?

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