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Chef Pavel Hasenohrl hails from a small town 45 minutes outside of Prague in the Czech Republic; where he started his love affair with cooking at the nascent age of 6. Pavel’s initiation to cooking started as a matter of necessity and responsibility and grew into a lifelong passion which he pursues today.

Young Hasenohrl’s father died when he was 6 years old. With his mother working to support the family, Pavel would prepare simple meals for the family after his day at school. He started with simple recipes such as soup and bread and built a solid foundation of ever increasing culinary skills and as a result more sophisticated food preparations.

Even though Pavel’s interests and desires put him on the path to culinary school, a promise made to his mother to finish
University was kept; yet during this time Pavel continued to learn new culinary techniques and improve his existing skills.
With an ever increasing culinary skill set, Pavel set out to obtain his culinary certification. This desire to obtain a culinary certificate created a conundrum. The cost of culinary school was high; yet Pavel had mastered most, if not all, the techniques which were to be taught. What to do? Being the persistent individual, Pavel was able to convince the administration to allow
him to take the culinary exam for certification without the requisite instruction. He passed the exam and earned his culinary certificate with ease.

Even though Pavel obtained his culinary certification, his constant desire to learn more and improve his own techniques
continued. He traveled to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France often staying in one location for 4-6 months at a time. He would work with some of the top chefs in the area building upon his culinary skills, honing his techniques and expanding his repertoire of recipes. Self-taught, continentally trained and experienced, Pavel’s ultimate desire was to open a restaurant in the United States.

In 2000 Pavel took the big step and moved to Florida to begin his dream of opening his own restaurant. He worked for a number of years cooking and baking all the while gaining an understanding of the Florida restaurant business. His break came 2 years ago when restaurant space on Desoto Road became available. Seeing the opportunity, Pavel jumped in with the perfect combination of enthusiasm, experience, and energy. Two Chef’s Casual Dining was born!

As one would expect, the restaurant and the dining experience are a blend of European and American experiences. Offering a stylish, contemporary, and colorful décor, Two Chef’s serves classic European cuisine with American styled casual dining and reasonable prices. With a focus on quality, all of the food is made from scratch utilizing fresh, high quality,ingredients. It is no surprise, today’s dining expectations, high quality food at affordable prices, perfectly matches Two Chef’s mission.

A persistent, quiet leader, Pavel continues to innovate and improvise as his culinary career unfolds. Realizing the potential
synergy between a wholesale baking company and his restaurant, Pavel launched the Two Chef’s Strudel Production Company which provides high quality wholesale baked goods to Tampa Bay businesses. If initial orders are an indication of success, the Strudel Production Company is off to a great start.

Four Steps to making an awesome apple strudel:

Start with home-made dough, cinnamon, and raisins

Add plenty of fresh apples

Cut the dough on an angle

Fold the dough and get ready to bake!

It has often been said “people do best that which they love.” Pavel’s love and passion is food. It started at the age of 6 and continues today. Not only does he love to cook and share his creations with friends and family, he is really good at doing so!

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