When we arrived in Sarasota and would meet people for the 1st time, we noticed 1 question always came up in conversation:

Where have you been going to eat?
Translation: I really need some new restaurants to add to my list!

Your Sarasota Dining Experience

Your Sarasota Dining Experience

At SRQ Reviews we are diligently working to provide you:

1. – The most comprehensive, timely Sarasota Restaurant Guide.
2. – The most consistently referenced Sarasota Restaurant Reviews.
We strive to provide timely, accurate restaurant information to make your Sarasota dining experience, the very best it can be! We always welcome your thoughts and comments.


2 Responses to “About SRQ Reviews”

  1. Karla Gore Says:

    Just found your site! I am a food/travel blogger based in Sarasota and do a bunch of restaurant reviews–usually while out of town but sometimes here in SRQ. Will be adding you to my reader.


    1. jlqonsrq Says:

      Thank you. I look forward to exchanging information with you. Welcome.

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