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Has this ever happened to you? You are reading a menu in a fine restaurant. Everything sounds delicious. Making a decision on what to order is difficult. You are relying on the item descriptions and preparation to assist you; however many of the terms being used are ones which are unfamiliar to you. Well it has happened to me and let’s face it, there are only so many times you can request assistance from the waiter/waitress without feeling sheepish!

A great solution to this culinary dilemma is offered by Derek Barnes, chef/owner of Derek’s Culinary Casual, one of Sarasota’s most innovative restaurants. His menu includes a Foodnotes section which defines many of the culinary terms used in the food descriptions.

We liked this idea so much at SRQ Reviews, we decided to follow Derek’s lead and start defining some of the terms used in our restaurant reviews and/or blogs:

  • Culinary Adventure: Used to categorize a restaurant which may not have all the expected attributes of fine dining, yet serves very good, specialty prepared foods. In other words, there may be something lacking such as décor, locale, menu selection etc. but the quality of the food trumps all.
  • Culinary Explorer: An individual on a quest to discover the newest or best restaurant; often very knowledgeable about food, wine, and a wide variety of restaurants.
  • Food Channel Foodie: Amateur to semi-professional chef always looking for new food combinations to taste and try to prepare at home; cooking styles may vary but focus is always on the ingredients.
  • Foodie: An individual focused on fine food, wine, and the latest food trends. Quality is of utmost importance and price is not a factor if the quality is commensurate; not to be mistaken for a food snob.
  • Food Snob: An individual keenly interested in trying the latest and greatest ingredients and newest restaurants; price is never an issue; will only dine in a limited number of restaurants; trendy.

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