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Continuing our tour of wines from the Southern Hemisphere, today we are tasting one of the most popular varietals from Argentina. The 2007 Malbec from Dolium Winery.

Background: Old World comes of Age

Wine making in Argentina can be traced back to the 16th century when vine stock was brought into the country from Chile and Spain. Cultivation of the vines expanded and the Mendoza wine region began to emerge as the country’s most important wine-producing region.

Historically wine production in Argentina was primarily a domestic business. That is, the wine produced by Argentine vineyards was for domestic consumption and not of export quality. This focus on domestic production continued for centuries. A series political dictatorships and economic threats began to have a influence on the Argentine wine industry. With the hyperinflation of the 1980’s and the drop in domestic wine consumption within Argentina, the Argentine wine industry began to think about exports. The success of Chile’s wine exports provided a  further catalyst for the Argentine wine producers to make wine worthy of export.

With an emphasis on producing higher quality of wine for export, investments were made in technology and equipment to improve both quality and yield. Today, Argentina is ranked 5th in worldwide production.

The winery: Dolium Wines

The Old world comes of age is exemplified by Dolium Wines. Taking the Latin name for amphora, the ceramic wine storage vessels used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, Dolium is making a connection to the old world. In ancient Rome, wine was stored underground as a means of temperature control. Today Dolium is the 1st underground winery in Argentina to combine old world traditions with modern-day technology to produce their wine.  

In 1997, Mario Giadorou, a mechanical engineer, turned his attention to his ancient Italian family’s business of wine making and a new Argentinian winery emerged. The winery continues to invest in technology to produce distinctive wines representing the characteristics of the Mendoza region and the international standards of wine consumers around the world.

Our Tasting:

On our 1st pour we were impressed with the dark red ruby colored wine. We expected depth of flavor and were not disappointed. With a nice aroma we took our taste and were very surprised in a good way. Expecting a big “malbec mouth” we discerned the characteristics of the grape but also a subtly sweet taste as well. Very good.

On our next pour we were pairing the wine with some sweet and spicy bbq spare ribs. It was a delicious pairing. The subtle sweetness of the wine matched perfectly with the smokey sweetness of the sauce on the spare ribs. It worked very well together.

On our next pouring we wanted to try something a little more spicy for a pairing. We choose a lemon, jalapeno sauced fettucine. This was a spicy dish so were not sure how this wine would hold up.  Once again, the subtly fruity flavor was enhanced with the spicy sauced pasta. The wine was a winner!

Smooth, rich, with a subtle sweetness, and a deep red color, this Malbec from Dolium is a versatile wine which pairs well with grilled meats and spicy flavored dishes.

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A special thank you to the folks at GOS Wines for their support in providing information and the wine.

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